Commitment to Accessibility at Drip Drop Tips

Welcome to Drip Drop Tips, where we are dedicated to making our content accessible to everyone. We understand the importance of creating a website that is usable for all people, regardless of ability or technology. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to our valuable plumbing tips, tricks, and guidance, without barriers.

Continuous Improvement

Our journey towards accessibility is ongoing. We are continually working to improve our website, ensuring that it complies with best practices and standards as defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

User-Friendly Design

We focus on designing our content to be as user-friendly as possible. This includes clear navigation, readable fonts, alternative text for images, and compatibility with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Feedback is Invaluable

Your feedback is crucial in helping us make our site more accessible. If you have difficulty using our site, or have suggestions on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Accessibility Features

We’ve implemented features like keyboard navigation, text-to-speech functionality, and high-contrast modes to assist users with different needs. Our aim is to provide an inclusive experience for all our visitors.

Training Our Team

We understand that accessibility is not just about technology, but also about people. Our team receives regular training on accessibility issues to ensure that our content remains as accessible as possible.

Collaborating for Greater Accessibility

We collaborate with accessibility experts and people with disabilities to receive guidance and feedback. This collaboration helps us to understand and implement practical accessibility solutions.

Inclusive Content Creation

At Drip Drop Tips, we strive to ensure our content is inclusive. This means considering the diverse ways people interpret and understand information, and catering to these diverse needs in our content creation.

Accessible to All

Our vision is a world where all content is open and accessible to everyone. We believe in removing barriers and creating a space where everyone has equal access to information.

Staying Informed

We commit to staying informed about advancements in digital accessibility, adapting our practices to meet evolving standards and needs.